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Possible IT challenges you may face in Japan:

  • How do contracts work when setting up network circuits?

  • What unique regulations in Japan should I be aware of, such as The Act on the Protection of Personal Information?

  • I’m not sure who to entrust with the IT aspects of our company

  • I’m unsure about how to manage security at our office in Japan

  • Slow connection between the head office and branch in Japan

  • I want to consider a Data Center in Japan, but I'm worried about natural disasters such as earthquake

  • I prefer to communicate with our partner in English

NI+C is here to solve
your problems !

Comprehensive Solutions Comprehensive Solutions


Setting up a new base requires complex IT solutions. NI+C offers a wide range of solutions, so there is no need to contract with multiple different companies.

One-stop Service


We handle everything from procurement to operation and maintenance. This makes each process run more smoothly and can also lead to cost savings.

English Availability


We can handle everything from proposals to contracts in English. We also offer post-sales support in English.

24/7 Support


When setting up a base in Japan, the need for 24/7 support increases due to time differences. We are ready to meet those needs.

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Who is NI+C ?

NI+C, a joint venture founded by NTT and IBM, engages in a wide range of business activities including network service, security service, system development, strategic data platform construction, independent infrastructure development whether on-premises or in the cloud. Having supported over 2,600 companies in Japan, we leverage IBM’s technical knowledge, NTT's infrastructure, and engage effectively with our clients to assist in building their IT environments.

Learn more about NI+C
  • Company Name

    Nippon Information and Communication Corporation(NI+C for short)

  • Company Location

    St. Luke’s Garden Tower 15F
    8-1 Akashi-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0044, Japan

  • Established

    December 18th, 1985

  • Capitalization

    4 billion yen

  • Shareholders

    IBM Japan, Ltd. (35%)

Our Strengths

JV of NTT and IBM

As a joint venture of NTT and IBM, we leverage the resources of both companies. Based on the proven support of both corporations, we are ready to accommodate a range of customer needs.

High technical capacity

  • Proven track record of providing services to over 2,600 clients across various industries.
  • Majority of our staff are certified in vendor-authorized exams.

Diverse Solutions

Providing solutions regardless of vendors, not limited to NTT and IBM.
We’re ready to provide the best solution for your business.


  • Google Cloud Partner Top Engineer 2024
  • Treasure Data Partner Award
  • 「The Best New Function Partner」
  • 「SAS Partner Award」「Best Customer Success Award」

Case Studies

  • Challenges

    • Unable to visualize communication logs on a user basis, which makes incident response inefficient.
    • Insufficient preparation for unknown threats due to lack of sandbox function.
    • Automatic failover does not work during service outages, leading to frequent manual interventions
    challenges flow


    • Visibility of communication on a user basis made it easier to understand and deal with Shadow IT
    • Implementation of sandbox function, defense against unknown threats
    • Decrease in service outages, reduction in workload necessity
    result flow

    Case Overview

    Rapid implemetation in only 3 months from adoption to user deployment. Smooth implementation phase with thorough support by NI+C.

    Case Cost

    65M yen (3-year license + initial implementation)

    Customer Evaluation

    Support from NI+C

    Improved customer understanding through a demo with the manufacturer.

    Quick and smooth sales response.


    Solved customers’ problems without exceeding their budget.

We will provide you with information about our services, costs, and proposals that suit your company.

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