We aim to be the ideal partner,
focusing on customer communication,
creating new value, and delivering
maximum satisfaction.

Nippon Information and Communication (NI+C) was founded by NTT and IBM Japan in 1985 and has developed as a systems integrator, taking full advantage of the revolution in information-communication technology.

Using IBM’s leading edge technology, we at NI+C provide management-related solutions for customers in various fields such as systems development, products & services, and network services. We focus on three major areas in the systems development field. The first is the development of large- scale customer database systems and applications for the telecommunication industry related to the charging of fees. The second area is the development of applications mainly for use by the transportation and retail industries. The third area is finance-related, with a focus on card business and on the development of IT-infrastructure for the banking industry. We have a track record of results in these three fields with demand forecasting using data analysis, analysis of consumer trends, and the development of BI (Business Intelligence) solutions.

In products and services, we provide not only the full line-up of IBM hardware and software but also an extensive range of the non-IBM middleware on the market. Our technical specialists are able to design, build, and maintain systems according to customer needs.

In addition, we provide a full range of services such as systems security, data back-up, surveillance, and technical support for ITIL® operations. In the field of virtualization technology, we provide optimized solutions to our customers involving the design and development of transition processes to a virtualized system, using those software assets already in use, and based on considerations of performance, reliability and maintainability.

Our network services include the provision of unified communication systems and EDI. Unified communication uses, primarily, Notes/Domino groupware-based mail, web, and workflow for essential basic in-house communication via such media as IP telephony, TV conference, and e- Learning. EDI involves the use of the EDI Service for electronic inter- company ordering and receiving, and the EDIPACK® software that makes the service possible. It also enables connection with the international service of the supplier of EDI, Starling Commerce, for global expansion of a company’s EDI service.

We at NI+C aim to be the ideal partner: a good communicator delivering the highest level of satisfaction to our customers. We provide optimum solutions for systems development, network services, and everything in between. The resulting "NI+C value" means value built from the accumulated skill and passion of each NI+C employee.

Nippon Information and Communication Corporation