Corporate Philosophy

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Corporate Philosophy


As a network system integrator, we harness the power of cutting-edge information and communication technology to contribute to the development of society.

NI+C Vision


Using IT, we create all-new solutions that embody our customers’ ideas and our own thinking.

Adopting a customer viewpoint, we think about what is important..

We nimbly incorporate experience and novel approaches to create new business value.

With an eye to the future, we work alongside our customers to provide services that will make them glad they entrusted us with developing solutions.


Happiness Principles

15 key phrases aligned with NI+C logo colors


Exceed customer expectations.

Commend failures and encourage a spirit of challenge.

First of all, try!

Simple is best! Constantly review how we do things.

Thoughtful teamwork

Consider matters from others’ viewpoints.

Delight in supporting others.

Smile cheerfully.


Overcome barriers and shine.

Think freely and nurture your own strengths.

Respect for diversity

Exercise creativity with respect for diversity.

Accept yourself just as you are and others just as they are.

Look for positives, not faults.


Clearly communicate appreciation.

Spread いいねアイコン positivity.

Basis for wellbeing

Healthy lifestyle, sleep, nutrition, exercise.