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Business Activities

While actively embracing advanced ICT, NI+C has leveraged its technologies, products, services, and extensive experience to propose optimal solutions to our customers’ business challenges. In doing so, we have evolved as a system integrator capable of working alongside our customers at every stage of the system cycle, from consulting to requirement definition, design, development, testing, and operation.

We provide various customers with services ranging from business system development to construction of platforms for strategic data use, cloud and on-premise computing, construction of vendor-neutral platforms, network services connecting internal and external systems, electronic data interchange (EDI) services connecting work processes between customers, as well as security, operation, and maintenance services to support such solutions.



Data fabric, data science, marketing

We provide support for converting internal and external data into useful formats (data fabric), analyzing and extracting value from such data (data science), visualizing the value of such data within and outside the company, and linking it to corporate strategies and policies (marketing).

DX Development

DX is an effective way to fast-track corporate agility. We support our customers in transforming their existing processes with the power of digitization (DX development), enhancing their corporate capabilities, and growing their businesses.



Cloud computing, security networks, marketing

We help build platforms that can be flexibly scaled up as businesses grow (cloud computing), connect those key business platforms to provide safe and secure environments (security networks), and run platform environments smoothly (system management optimization).

EDI, experience management

We also support enhancement of corporate capabilities by securely and flexibly connecting our customers’ businesses (EDI, networks) and connecting companies with their customers and with their employees’ ideas (experience management).