Yesterday, a security advisory designated CVE-2015-3456 / XSA-133 was publicly announced. The advisory identified a vulnerability, which has become commonly known as “VENOM”, through which an attacker could exploit floppy driver support in QEMU to escalate their privileges.
System engineers, in concert with our technology partners, completed a deep analysis of the vulnerability and determined that our virtual servers are not affected by this issue.


  • お客様にてベアメタルサーバ上でLinuxサーバを利用しKvm/Qemu等の該当のソフトウェアを導入している場合
  • 該当のケースでは各ディストリビューション単位に対応が公開されていますので「Qemu」「KVM」「Xen」のアップデートをお願いします。

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